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10 Qualifications Every Nanny Should Have

The job of a nanny is the epitome of multitasking, so success requires a multitude of skills. Although the range of  responsibilities may vary from one employer to another, certain capabilities are universally essential. The following is a list of 10 qualifications that every nanny should have:

  1. Loving Disposition – As one who will be entrusted with the care of children, you will need to be nurturing and caring by nature. There is really no substitute for this quality in order to be successful as a nanny.
  2. Flexibility – Child care means expecting the unexpected and adapting to changes in routine when necessary. You will need to be willing to work a non-traditional schedule.
  3. Reliability – Nanny assignments are generally contracted through an agency. Successful candidates will demonstrate a track record of meeting their work and scheduling commitments.
  4. Time Management – Largely because of the fluid nature of the typical family environment, a nanny needs to be adept at making effective use of her time. Making room in your schedule for those unexpected changes is an invaluable plus.
  5. Child Care Experience – Not a requirement for every job, experience is nonetheless enormously advantageous in preparation for a career as a nanny, as well as gaining employment.
  6. CPR / First Aid Certification – Not every agency or individual employer will require this, but we think it’s an indispensable asset. When it comes to child care, having emergency numbers on speed dial isn’t always enough. Certification, including child and infant CPR, can be acquired through organizations such as the Red Cross or the American Heart Association.
  7. Good Health – The demands of a nanny’s job as well as her constant exposure to and interaction with children make this an obvious necessity. Up-to-date immunizations should be acquired as well.
  8. Clean and Valid Driver’s License – Employers will require nannies to transport their children and occasionally run errands, often with the family vehicle. In the case of live-out nannies, reliable transportation of your own is also a must.
  9. Long-Term Commitment – Typically, a one-year commitment is required for a nanny position in order to establish continuity and a strong relationship between family and nanny. A live-in assignment would require you to live in the family’s home for the duration.
  10. Patience – This could be your most-used qualification. The combination of child care, unexpected changes in conditions or scheduling, within a host family environment places a lot of demand on one’s patience. It will serve you well to have lots of it.

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