11 Things Nannies Should Do on Their Day Off

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Nannies spend 40 to 60 hours per week caring for other people’s children. While being a nanny is a highly rewarding job, it can also be a very draining one.  For nannies to effectively care for others, they must make a conscious effort to care for themselves.

On your next day off, consider:

  1. Treat yourself.  Dying for some dark chocolate? Stop by your local chocolatier. Been meaning to pick up a new purse? Head to the store and enjoy navigating the isles without worrying about having the kids in tow.
  2. Sleep late. Turn off your alarm, shut off your cell phone and muster as much sleep as you can. On workdays, chances are you’re up with the sun. Take the opportunity to lounge in bed as long as you’d like to when you can.
  3. Go out with a friend. Working as a nanny can be isolating. On your off days make an effort to connect with your friends and nurture your friendships.
  4. Have adult conversations. When you’re off duty, catch up on adult conversations. Have an uninterrupted, lengthy chat with a friend and talk about all the things you don’t have time to during the week.
  5. Schedule necessary appointments. Trying to fit doctors, dentists and hair appointments into your schedule can cause a fair amount of stress. Intentionally scheduling appointments on your day off can ensure you attend them. Taking care of your health needs and keeping your preventative health appointments are important and can help keep you healthy. 
  6. Go for a massage. Lifting and carrying children around can take a toll on your muscles. Consider making a standard monthly massage appointment to reward your body for its hard work.
  7. Get moving. Boost your activity level on your day off by going for a long walk, taking a swim or hitting the gym. A little exercise goes a long way in helping to reduce stress and improve health.
  8. Get a spa treatment. Whether you go for a manicure or a facial, use your day off to pamper yourself. You spend so much time caring for others, be to schedule in time for someone else to care for you.
  9. Watch a chick flick. Head to the movies or tune your television to Lifetime. Spend some time relaxing and immersing yourself into a world of enjoyable fantasy.
  10. Eat grownup food made by someone else. Skip the leftover pb&J and indulge in more sophisticated foods prepared by someone other than you. Whether you head to a restaurant or order in, be sure to eat something you usually can’t.
  11. Lock the door to the bathroom. During the week pottying in peace is considered a luxury. You never know when little fingers are going to open the bathroom door and join you. On your off days, head to the bathroom and lock the door –even if you don’t have to go.

While it can be tempting to squeeze as much as possible into your day off, it’s important to purposely plan to care for yourself and meet your own needs during that time. When you take the time to rejuvenate and recharge on your off time, you’ll have the energy, patience and focus you need to effectively care for the children in your care.

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