10 Ways the Word Nanny is Used in Other Ways

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Have you ever noticed how many different ways the word “nanny” is used nowadays? We have, and in each case it tends to convey the same meaning, which is namely that “nanny” is universally understood to mean a trustworthy, attentive guardian. So it doesn’t surprise us that the word is being used elsewhere too. Here are 10 instances where the word “nanny” is being used in ways other than its traditional meaning:

  1. Nanny State – A term used to describe a government which is considered to be excessively involved or overly protective of its citizens, to the detriment of free choice. In the U.S., the phrase is often used in reference to conservative policies that protect special interests.
  2. Nanny Tax – Refers to taxes that must be paid for the employment of any household workers (maid, nurse, gardener, etc.) by the employer. In recent years this term has gotten a lot of media attention due to high profile politicians who have neglected to pay these taxes.
  3. Nanny Cam – These devices, generically referred to as spy cameras, are specifically intended for use in monitoring domestic care employees, like sitters, nurses and nannies. They are typically mounted inside a common household item, such as an alarm clock.
  4. Net Nanny – A brand name for software that can be installed to track internet use, block access to unwanted websites, and monitor chat and IM usage. This type of software allows parents to customize and safeguard their child’s internet experience.
  5. Nanny Mania – An online and downloadable video game that challenges you to manage a busy household and tests your multitasking skills, all in the role of the family nanny.
  6. Nutmeg Nanny – A food blog, named for its author, Brandy, who shares an extensive library of some very tasty looking recipes, as well as a link to her store where you can purchase cookbooks. Nutmeg Nanny can be found on Facebook as well.
  7. Nap Nanny® – A baby recliner that is designed for floor use, complete with a three-point harness to keep your infant secure. Its shape allows for the baby to sleep or play securely.
  8. Nanny 911 – A reality TV show that showcases families with incorrigible kids in need of some serious nannying. It originally aired on FOX in the U.S., who have since sold the rights to CMT.
  9. Supernanny – Another reality TV show, which originated in the UK starring Jo Frost. Think of Jo as a sort of kiddy whisperer, complete with her trusty “naughty chair”, and you’ve got the basic gist of this popular reality series.
  10. Server Nanny™ - Network and server monitoring software, it will log failures and then automatically correct many of those failures; it also sends notifications when failures are detected. Once again, the word “nanny” expresses those watchful, reliable qualities that we’ve come to associate with our real live family nanny.

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